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Welcome to my website!. I'm a professional videographer which specializes in cinematic and elegant wedding videos tailored for each couple. Wedding videographer in Marbella, Mallorca, Ibiza, all Spain, Germany and EU with worldwide availability. We are based in Andalusia, Spain, and will be happy to travel wherever you need our cinematic wedding videos.

Made with love

Videos with detail care, unique, different and cinematic. Wedding films made from the heart, full of details and pampered with all our passion.

Made to measure

We have no patterns to follow. Every wedding is tailored from scratch. Wedding videographers inspired in your day to make each project a unique and exclusive piece. 

Why choose us? 

The greatest thing that can happen to you is to love and be loved 


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Romantic wedding films in Spain, Germany and around the world.


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Wedding videography services anywhere in the world


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Our wedding video gallery. We hope you like!

  • I love it!!! You are a crack!!!! Well done!!!!
    Raul, you’ve done it again, get excited and do a beautiful work. Thanks to your professionalism we have a wonderful memory of one of the mostemotional day of our lives. Thanks again! .

    Fani & Javi - Facebook
  • Raul millions thanks!!. We have no words of thanks to you and all your team!!. You are a great artist. Thanks for all the effort, creativity, elegance, sesitivity… We are fans of your work, and be part of them is now a privilege!!!. Thanks!, thanks!!, thank you!!! 

    Krystel & Juanma - Facebook

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Raul Villaran

Wedding videographer since 1998. We captured the special moments of your day to create an unique piece of art to enable you to always remember you wedding day as it actually was. Elegant and cinematic wedding films with a touch of love.
Your wedding day is as important to you as your video is to us.

Raul Villaran
Raul Villaran

Raul Villaran

Videographer / Film Maker

Raul Villaran

Raul Villaran

Videographer / Film Maker

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From 2017

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Our tools
We think it is not a relevant factor to the client since he can have interest in our style and final result, but not in our tools. Even so, we can affirm that we use high-resolution and high-definition equipment for our wedding videos so that you can enjoy an exceptional quality of image. Our equipment is composed of cameras that help us get the so trendy cinematographic look in these years which we have been using for a long time. Besides this, we are equipped with complementary cinematic accessories and professional sound to get, along our style of filming and edition, a high quality product for our clients.

Our style
It can be said that we do not like overacting. Our style can be described as spontaneous, natural and without “poses”. The latter being in quotation marks because we think there must be something to enrich the content with a touch of romanticism that we like to add in our wedding videos. But it will be as subtle and natural as possible for you to feel comfortable and make it look elegant. We will only intercede to help you look better and natural. Our strong points as wedding videographers for the recording of videos are the diversity and composition of scenes and shots of extra resources (scenes of the town, other details, exterior views of the church…), besides our full commitment.

How many professionals form the work team?
We are usually two wedding videographers; Raúl Villarán and Pepi Guzmán. In the case that Pepi could not attend, some of the high qualified coworkers we use to work with often will replace her. Two wedding videographers are more than enough to meet a weeding, but if wanted, you have the option to add a third camera operator to get a larger diversity of shots and to reinforce the recording even more.

Are the aerial images included?
As the saying goes… let the cobbler stick to his last! Two wedding videographers cannot divide into more. For an event such as a wedding and for the way we like to produce it; a full commitment and the total amount of time of the two videographers are required. That is why, to keep getting a product of the same or more quality, we think that the responsibility of the aerial images must rest with a third professional. Thus, we consider this section an extra option that must be contracted along with the initial budget of your wedding video.

We’d like to do a pre-wedding or post-wedding
We love recording, so no problem!
A pre-wedding can serve to meet each other and get used to the cameras in order you to feel more comfortable the day of the wedding.
And a post-wedding can serve to reinforce the content of your wedding video or simply to calm you the day of the wedding after going out of the ceremony and enjoy your guests and reception more. But we comment that everything at times outside the day of the wedding is an extra option, therefore you must ask for it as such.


How must I reserve your service?
First of all, you must ask for a budget for your wedding, now that depending on the destination city we will add a bonus for displacement or not. We will make you a series of questions to calculate our displacement – if it is needed – and the need for coordination, tools and/or wedding videographers we could need to meet the event. If you agree with the budget, we will proceed to send you a contract with all the detailed services about your wedding video and their prices.
After agreeing you can go on to the first payment for reservation, usually, a percentage between 20% and 40% of the total amount.

How much notice must I give to reserve your service?
This is something we never like to say. Sometimes it can get the feeling that we compel the client to reserve as soon as possible. We can comment about the average time the clients take to reserve, usually between six and eight months. We have received reserves a year and a half in advance and even more. The fact that you request us a budget does not assure you that another client will not forestall you to reserve. We advise you that if you are determined to contract our service, you should reserve as soon as possible the date for your wedding video. Even the fact that you request our contract does not give you priority to have your date reserved if the first payment is not made. In these cases we only can let you know that other prospective client is interested in your date.

Could we visit you?
Of course you could! And we would be glad to meet you in person and know more about your love story and your wedding. The only thing you must take into account is that we are from Seville, although we can affirm that we have worked in most of Spain, from our province to the north of the country and we have gone across it to make one or two videos of international weddings.
And if you are so far, how could we get to know you better?
What we usually do with most of our clients is to have an appointment via Skype a month or a few weeks before the wedding. In this way we meet each other, talk about all the details and we give you a piece of advice in order for everything to turn out the best way possible.

The wedding day has come… what do you do?
You should not worry about anything, a few days before the wedding we will make contact with you again to ask you how you are and how everything is going. Besides, we will tell you about our trip – if it has been needed – and our arrival to your city.
Will we see you before the meeting?
Usually it is possible, above all if the wedding is out of our province and we have traveled. If you have time for us, we would like to see you. If you can, we would also like to visit the places where the wedding will take place, or we ourselves can do it with more tranquility in order you to have the last hours to finish organizing your great day.


When do you start to work?
Veeeeeery early! We want to have time for everything so that no details will be missing in your wedding video.
We use to add some scenes of the bride’s makeup and hairstyle.

Must the groom get dressed four hours before the wedding?
Not at all! If the preparations of the bride and groom take place in locations remote from one another what we do is separate. A videographer will be with the bride, and usually the second one will be with the groom.

How much time will you spend with us?
Usually we guarantee the coverage of the event until one hour after the nuptial dance. It is sufficient time to record the environment of the last moments and the guests dancing.

What about your diet?
After many years of experience we have decided that this is not something that we must take charge of, either you or the catering.
You would better worry about your guests. We prefer to follow our own diet and organize our meals. Although if it was so kind of you to invite us to eat, we would be glad! You only must let us know with sufficient time before the wedding.

When you leave… would we know it?
Yes you would. We always say goodbye when we finish our job. Besides, in this way you can tell us if there is any important event left before we leave, and if you would like to have it recorded.


I am impatient to get my wedding video
Be patient, Rome was not built in a day!
We dedicate much time to the edition in order to take care of the slightest detail. If we add to this our season trips, days to organize each wedding, each trip, the days we stay in each city and the days to go back home… the work is accumulated! But we refuse to hand it over and speed up the deliveries. Our philosophy is to do our best until the end in each work!
If you want you can ask us, but even if we wanted, we could not give you an exact delivery date, now that there are many factors that may hold it up. The most important one is that each work is different and personalized to each couple and wedding, and the time of dedication to each project is different.

When will we know an approximate delivery date?
You will know it when we were about to finish the edition of the work previous to yours, we will contact you to tell you that approximately in a month you will get the work. If you are in agreement we will proceed to the edition of your wedding video and its delivery in the approximate date except delays of packing or other more important issues.

We live far away… How will you send our wedding video?
We have a transport agency available through which we will make your wedding video arrive safely protected. As in the previous section has been said, when we were about to finish the edition and we had the packing, we will make contact with you again to let you know the approximate delivery date.


I would like you to record two, three or four hours more after the nuptial dance.
There are really complete and enlivened weddings that last many more hours than traditional ones. But actually this content does not provide any necessary information to narrate your wedding day according to our opinion. We guarantee the recording of the wedding until one hour after the nuptial dance approximately or meet 12 hours of filming. But if, for example, you have three or four concerts of hired groups after your nuptial dance, the extra hours we spend recording those performances will be charged for on an hourly basis.

Could I choose the music of my wedding?
We would feel coerced and work uncomfortably; we also think that the final product would not be true to our style. That is why the couples that contract our services accept our style as it is, leaving us with complete freedom to edit their film according to our taste and judgment.

There are images or people that I do not want to appear in the video.
It is simply something that we cannot take charge of totally. We take care of our shots, but for example, we consider that if there are images of unwanted guests, it is not our responsibility.

I have noticed some errors
We can assert that it has never happened. Our works are revised several times before the final delivery, but if for any reason there is an error that we could consider professional, you have our total guarantee to mend any error that concerns us within a prudential period of time after the delivery.


Please, if you are thinking of copying partially or totally the text contained in our web for yours, stop it and consider that Google penalizes this activity and you are doing good neither your web nor ours. Quite the contrary! Be original, work with us and carry out your own text.
Thank you and good luck in this great three-w world!

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